News feed (rss): You would typically use a News Feed when you want to be notified of new content posted to the web site.

To subscribe to our newsfeed, simply click the RSS symbol in the address (url) bar of your web browser. Note that there are two separate feeds. There is a feed for the video pages and another feed for the audio pages. 

Many email programs can be used for rss news feeds. The site updates will be read by your mail program.  Alternately, you can use a “news reader” program which is designed specifically for rss (and other) feeds. There are plenty of free news feed programs.

Podcasts:  Subscribe to our podcasts to automatically have our media (video/audio) downloaded to iTunes on your computer. iTunes is free and available for Windows and Mac.

To subscribe to an audio or video Podcast, click the                      icon.  Note that there is a separate subscription available for audio and video. You may subscribe to one or the other, or both.   When you subscribe to podcasts the latest podcast will be downloaded iTunes (free from Apple). All future podcasts will be downloaded to iTunes as they are placed on the website.  You may unsubscribe at any time.

Please note that the video files are rather large. A 30 minute sermon will be about 200 MB. An audio podcast runs about 15 MB.